Five of the Most Beautiful Vintage – Retro Mountain Bikes

While browsing the web and thinking of possible future vintage MTB projects, I inevitably get side-tracked by all the photos of splendiferously beautiful mountain bikes of yesteryear.

I usually just book mark the photos for future inspiration, but here I’m going to show five of my favourites, if not necessarily cost-effective, vintage mountain bikes.

This utterly stunning Dave Lloyd

A sublime bespoke build from one of the great frame builders of the British Isles. The colour-matched Girvin Flex Stem (and other parts) is a nice touch.

The Alpinestars Ti Mega

Super expensive, and with a frame prone to cracking near the bottom bracket. But wow!

Fat Chance Yo Eddy with aqua-fade

Known to ride like a dream (for a rigid steel bike), this bike’s look simply blows my mind.

Anodyzed GT Zaskars

What’s not to love about this bike? Loads of purple anodyzing, and Spinergy wheels. Really awesome.

The Mantis Flying V

The frame design in itself looks great, but the paintwork and the touch of tasteful purple anodyzed parts really are the cherry on top of the cake. This frame is currently up for sale, as it happens, on retrobike, for a couple of thousand Euros.

My choices are, of course, totally subjective.


6 thoughts on “Five of the Most Beautiful Vintage – Retro Mountain Bikes”

    1. It’s an absolutely beautiful bike, almost too nice to ride … but I’m willing to bet it’s a sublime ride. Am I right?

  1. Love those Manitou 2s. I’m kind of obsessed. I have horded about 20 pairs of 90s Manitou forks…2s, 3s, 4s, EFCs, Sports and Comps.

  2. I designed and painted the Dave Lloyd.

    This one is not one of my best designs but it is still very beautiful.

    I remember painting this bike very well and I’m glad I painted the components too.

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