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Raleigh Dynatech Voyager: a new project for winter

This year’s winter build (one of them) is going to be a 1992 Raleigh Dynatech Voyager. Its Reynolds cromo steel tubing (apart from an aluminium head tube) promises a lively feel, perhaps without the comfort of its big brothers in the Raleigh titanium range.


Check out the Dynacurve top tube. Lush. Only the largest size had this feature, making this a quite rare (but not priceless) frame.


The matching Dynatech cromo stem and Reyolds 501 cromo steel handlebar complete the fuselage nicely.

Which parts to build this up with? Ideally, I’d keep things as period correct as possible, so Shimano Deore LX / DX would fit the bill. And the look I’m probably going to try and capture can be seen in this early Dynatech brochure:

dynatech awaiting trial

Or possibly something along these lines (again, from an eary nineties Dynatech brochure):


In any case, it’s going to be plenty of fun …

Vintage steel Raleigh Dynatechs

Often overlooked in favour of the lighter titanium models, Raleigh made some really nice bonded steel Dynatech frames during the late eighties and early nineties.

dynatech awaiting trial
Cover of a Dynatech catalogue

The innovation made by Raleigh for this range of bikes was the bonding together of the main tubes, often from different materials, to build a frame that is light yet strong. The Raleigh brochures of the day boasted that bonding gives stronger tube joins, compared to welding or brazing.


I really love the very visible engineering on these frames in the form of lugs, and the absence of messy welds (although the rear triangle is still welded). Let’s have a look at a couple of the bikes.

Dynatech Voyager


Dynatech Encounter

Check out the Girvin Flexstem ‘suspension’ stem!